Network Management Policy

Auburn Essential Services Network Management Policy

1. Introduction

Auburn Essential Services (AES) recognizes the importance of providing reliable and high-quality internet services

to our customers. To ensure the efficient operation of our network and the fair use of resources, this Network

Management Policy outlines our practices and guidelines for the management and operation of our network


2. Network Principles

2.1. Quality of Service (QoS): AES is committed to delivering high-quality internet services to all customers. We

will monitor and manage network performance to maintain a consistently high level of service quality.

2.2. Transparency: AES will provide clear and readily accessible information to customers regarding our network

management practices, including any traffic management techniques used.

2.3. Network Security: AES will implement appropriate measures to protect our network from security threats

and cyberattacks to ensure the safety and privacy of customer data.

3. Network Management Practices

3.1. Congestion Management: In the event of network congestion, AES may employ reasonable and

nondiscriminatory network management practices to ensure fair access to network resources. These practices will

be designed to minimize the impact on customers and will not target specific content, applications, or services.

3.2. Traffic Prioritization: AES may prioritize certain types of traffic (e.g., real-time voice and video) to ensure a

consistent and reliable user experience. Prioritization will be done fairly and transparently, without discriminating

against specific services or applications.

3.3. Blocking and Throttling: AES does not engage in blocking or throttling of lawful internet content,

applications, or services. We support the open and neutral internet principles.

3.4. Security Measures: To protect our network and customers, AES may implement security measures to mitigate

harmful traffic, such as Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks or malware. These measures will be applied in

a manner that minimizes disruption to legitimate traffic.

4. Customer Education

AES provides information resources to help customers understand our network management practices and

their rights and responsibilities as internet users. This information will be readily available on our website and

through customer support channels.

5. Complaints and Dispute Resolution

To submit a complaint related to network management or quality issues, please contact 260.333.0100 or We will work diligently to resolve disputes in a timely and fair


6. Compliance with Regulations

AES will adhere to all relevant local, state, and federal regulations governing network management and internet

services. We will also comply with any applicable net neutrality regulations.

7. Policy Updates

This Network Management Policy may be revised and updated as needed to reflect changes in technology,

regulations, or business practices. Any updates will be communicated to customers through appropriate


8. Conclusion

Auburn Essential Services is committed to providing reliable, high-quality internet services while maintaining the

integrity and fairness of our network. We believe that transparent and responsible network management

practices are essential for delivering the best possible customer experience