All of Your Entertainment

AES has designed a TV experience that fits more with how you watch TV today. AES TV is a bring-your-own-device, app-based platform that allows you to watch all of your favorite live, recorded and on-demand shows, movies and sports—anytime, anywhere, on any device. And it’s packed full of features (voice search, pause, start from beginning, etc.) for an enjoyable, high-resolution viewing experience!

Create Your AES TV Package

  • Determine the programming you prefer

    AES offers three different programming tiers and Elite (pay) channels like HBO, Showtime and Cinemax, so you can tailor programming to fit your preferences.

  • Decide how many streams you need

    Consider how many different channels your household will be watching at the same time. Each AES TV subscription comes with two streams to support watching TV on two devices simultaneously.

  • Evaluate number and kind of devices

    Every AES TV subscription includes one AES set-top box (STB). AES TV is app-based, so you can watch TV via an app on your mobile devices or you can request additional STBs for every TV you plan to watch AES TV on.

  • Decide if you’ll want to record shows to a DVR

    You can add a Network DVR for an additional fee, determined by how much you’ll want to save.

  • Make sure you have the right internet package

    You will enjoy the best viewing experiences when you pair AES TV with either our Cord or Duesenberg managed WiFi options.

Programming Tiers Price
AES TV – BasicOver 30 local and most-watched channels, including YCN (Your Community Network) and access to a limited number of channels using watchTVeverywhere. $46.95
AES TV – EssentialAll of the channels included in the Basic package, plus more than seventy additional channels, including basic sports and music channels—some with access through watchTVeverywhere. $98.95
AES TV – PremierAll of the channels included in the Essential package, plus an additional 25 channels for a complete entertainment and sports experience. $107.95
AES TV – Elite SubscriptionsOptional subscriptions for today’s most popular movie channels like HBO, Cinemax and Starz. Call (260) 330-0100 to add on to your current programming tier. TBD

*Additional STBs can be added for $2.95/mo. You can also choose to have 4 streams for $2.95/mo. or 6 streams for $4.95/mo. Fees for Network DVR would apply as well.

Video Streams Price
4 Concurrent Streams $2.95
6 Concurrent Streams $4.95
8 Concurrent Streams $6.95
10 Concurrent Streams $8.95
Devices Price
Additional Set-Top Box $2.95
Network DVR Price
100 DV Hours $6.95
200 DV Hours $10.95
300 DV Hours $14.95
400 DV Hours $18.95
500 DV Hours $20.95


Access TV, set profiles and search across all your content sources (Netflix, Hulu, etc.)—all from the AES TV app.



watchTVeverywhere is also available as part of your AES TV subscription! This option allows you to watch your favorite programs on the go with your personal devices. Simply register your AES TV account with watchTVeverywhere, and then live stream to any device that has internet access—anytime you want. Check the WTVE column in our channel guide for the channels available via watchTVeverywhere.

Contact us at 260.333.0100 or We’re here to help!


We make it easy to use AES services. Check out our Resource Center  for helpful how-to information. And if you don’t find what you need, we’re here to help. Visit our Contact Us page for all the ways to get in touch with us.


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  • The entire staff at AES did an outstanding job from conception through install. The price is very competitive, the communication was very professional and understandable, and the install was top notch. The clarity of the picture is second to none. Your installation crew was extremely knowledgeable and friendly during their time here and did a great job with the routings and overall install. I will definitely recommend your service to everyone in the area.

    Chris Toyias Auburn Bowl
  • We get high-quality services for a great value. The service is always responsive and reliable—what’s there not to like about AES?

    Beth Bolinger AES Customer
  • If Auburn Essential Services had not come to the plate and helped, we would have had to leave Auburn years ago. It's great to be able to give back to this community. It's exciting to build a company like this here.

    Jason Sweitzer, President Tempus Technologies
  • Thank you so much to AES. They always provide absolutely wonderful service. During the ice storm this past week they really helped us out and so quickly. I wish everyone was as lucky to have the services of AES!

    Jackie Delagrange AES Customer
  • I just want to give a huge shout-out to AES. A squirrel blew the transformer by our place. From power going out, to phone call, to power back on—all in 30 minutes! On a Sunday! Thank you guys for all that you do.

    Serena Ballard AES Customer
  • It was clear that our AES installers knew exactly what they were doing. The thick concrete walls were not an issue for them. They knew exactly how to deal with it. They took the time to do it right and didn’t leave a mess or anything behind. Everyone was very nice and professional.

    Chris Bolinger AES Customer