AES: Your Community Network

AES is a community-owned and operated network that offers WiFi, internet, television, voice, point-to-point (private) data, Wide Area Network (WAN) local loop and data center co-location services to businesses and residential neighborhoods in Auburn.

While AES was born out of the desire to fulfill the needs of one business, it has quickly grown into a valuable community asset for businesses and residents alike. Even more, it’s not just a valuable tool for Auburn. We’re expanding our services and reach to neighboring communities.

Perhaps what’s exciting about AES is that we’re growing right along with our customers.

As technology and the way we use it has changed, AES has adapted how we deliver services. Over the years, we have continually invested in our network to ensure we can not only serve you today, but in the future. In fact, we’re bringing the future of technology to customers right now. Our upgrades are focused on providing customers with the best broadband service available for the next decade. And we’ll continue to adapt as technology changes, but the foundation we have in place ensures we can use technology in our homes the way we want to for many years to come.

Our History

  • Auburn Electric installs some of the first fiber optics in the Midwest for electric substation management. This fiber infrastructure would become the backbone of AES.

  • Auburn develops and implements a Municipal Area Broadband Network, which ties over 28 government facilities together on a common platform to share voice, data and software in a collaborative manner.

  • AES forms as a new city department to provide Cooper Standard Automotive, an important Auburn employer, with scalable and reliable business internet.

  • AES TV launches as an additional service, with a variety of packages designed to fit varying budgets and interest levels.

  • The Your Community Network (YCN) television channel launches, showcasing local sporting, school and community events, as well as legacy content provided by DeKalb TV.

  • AES connects our fiber network to Garrett to help the city address its growing municipal communication needs.

  • The City of Auburn becomes a founding member of Next Century Cities, a nationwide movement of cities that are on the leading edge of next-generation broadband fiber networks.

  • AES begins serving Garrett industrial and commercial business customers.

  • AES makes enhancements to its core network that increases bandwidth capacity and provides for a more diversified infrastructure.

  • watchTYeverywhere is added to the AES TV subscription, allowing subscribers to watch their favorite programs on personal devices.

  • AES upgrades its ONT (optical network terminal) to improve the future-readiness of the fiber network.

  • AES WiFi launches, providing a new option for those who want an increasingly sophisticated home network that’s easy to operate.

  • AES and Garrett extend partnership again to bring fiber to the homes (FTTH) of Garrett residents.

  • AES continues to update technology, allowing us to introduce VOIP phone service/hosted PBX, as well as an app-based TV service.

  • It was clear that our AES installers knew exactly what they were doing. The thick concrete walls were not an issue for them. They knew exactly how to deal with it. They took the time to do it right and didn’t leave a mess or anything behind. Everyone was very nice and professional.

    Chris Bolinger AES Customer
  • Thank you so much to AES. They always provide absolutely wonderful service. During the ice storm this past week they really helped us out and so quickly. I wish everyone was as lucky to have the services of AES!

    Jackie Delagrange AES Customer
  • I just want to give a huge shout-out to AES. A squirrel blew the transformer by our place. From power going out, to phone call, to power back on—all in 30 minutes! On a Sunday! Thank you guys for all that you do.

    Serena Ballard AES Customer
  • We get high-quality services for a great value. The service is always responsive and reliable—what’s there not to like about AES?

    Beth Bolinger AES Customer
  • If Auburn Essential Services had not come to the plate and helped, we would have had to leave Auburn years ago. It's great to be able to give back to this community. It's exciting to build a company like this here.

    Jason Sweitzer, President Tempus Technologies
  • The entire staff at AES did an outstanding job from conception through install. The price is very competitive, the communication was very professional and understandable, and the install was top notch. The clarity of the picture is second to none. Your installation crew was extremely knowledgeable and friendly during their time here and did a great job with the routings and overall install. I will definitely recommend your service to everyone in the area.

    Chris Toyias Auburn Bowl