Community Cat Program

The Community Cat Program is a collaborative effort between the City of Auburn and DeKalb Humane Society.

The program—formed out of city ordinance passed in 2021—aims to humanely control the population of stray and feral cats. By arranging for surgical sterilization, ear tipping, and vaccination for rabies and other related humane services, the program will decrease the feral population in Auburn over time.



Another way to support the program is through a monetary donation. Donations are made to the DeKalb Humane Society and allocated directly to the upkeep and maintenance of the Community Cat Program. Make a donation to the program.


Food may only be provided between 6 to 9 am daily. All uneaten food must be removed within 30 minutes from when provided to avoid attracting insects or wildlife.

Tipped Ear for Fixed Cats
Amount of Kittens Bred
Average Ages of Domesticated Cats
Unfixed Cats Spray on Surfaces to Mark Their Territory
Cats Inhabit Most Continents
House Cats Can Run 30 MPH
Cats Develop a Meow to Communicate
Cats Can Climb Trees
House Cats Can Run 30 MPH
Cats Have No Eyelashes
Longest Cat
Keen Hearing for Cats
Cats Spend 70 Percent of Their Lives Asleep
Feral Cats are Good Predators
The Oldest Cat is 38
Amount of Kittens Bred
Average Ages of Domesticated Cats
Cats Do Not Have Sweet Taste Buds